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Please feel welcome to add to the knowledge in this WIKI ... if you see an error you can correct, a gap you can fill, or there's something (useful to others) you need to get off your chest ... just click Edit or New (top of every page), authenticate with a GitHub, Google or OpenID (you've got one of those right? if not; create one) and start contributing.

It's worth spending ten minutes reading about Markdown and experimenting with it - because it's what's used to format this site (hint: try the Basics or click the ? button up there at the top of the page).

Corrections are simple, just pick Edit and get on with it ...

But if you've something new to say things get a little trickier;

  1. firstly; this WIKI currently has no defined directory-structure or file-naming convention or anyone to police it ... as it grows that's going to be a problem ... hence please have a thought to the future, click Files and see if there's somewhere relevant to create your new page in directly, or somewhere to hang a new directory to contain it.

  2. then; identify where in the existing WIKI content you want to insert a link to your new page, and at that point Edit the existing page and add a link;

    [ [Title|Path] ] for e.g. [ [New Robot|/projects/NewRobot] ]


    Title is the text you want to display (the link)

    Path is the path and filename of the file you want to create, noting;

    • try to avoid spaces and special characters in path and filenames, it's not good practice, and this WIKI in particular doesn't like underscores(_)
    • avoid typo's in directory names, as you might inadvertantly create two paths i.e. /uPy/lexer/info and /uPy/lexr/info creates two folders
    • either \ or / can be used to separate directories and files
    • don't worry if the specified path (directories and subdirectories) doesn't exist - it'll be created
  3. next; Save the edited source page ... your new link will appear and it will be highlighted in red (because it doesn't yet lead anywhere

  4. click your link and you will be taken straight to a new blank page - go ahead and fill it with your own words; but please click Preview regularly and check things look OK, review what you've written and do try to be short, clear and concise (reading out-loud often helps mitigate obvious issues)

  5. when you're happy with your new content; Save it

Congratulations, you've made your first contribution to the community.


  1. please include references to the source of shared information where appropriate
  2. please be sure that the information you post is either (a) of your own creation or (b) wholly in the public domain, do not replicate information here if you are not sure that it licensed to share
  3. please don't feel constrained by the need to be overly accurate(!) - if you got it wrong, hopefully someone else can fix it