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The Bluetooth module HC05 is available in the Micro Python Store.




The physical pins of the UART buses are:

UART(4) is on XA: (TX, RX) = (X1, X2) = (PA0, PA1)
UART(1) is on XB: (TX, RX) = (X9, X10) = (PB6, PB7)
UART(6) is on YA: (TX, RX) = (Y1, Y2) = (PC6, PC7)
UART(3) is on YB: (TX, RX) = (Y9, Y10) = (PB10, PB11)
UART(2) is on: (TX, RX) = (X3, X4) = (PA2, PA3)


Connect the module to the pyboard as shown in the table below. Note: Connect the TX pin from the HC05 to the RX pin on the pyboard, and the RX pin from the HC05 to the TX pin on the pyboard.

pyb hc05


No custom modules are required, use the UART module:

from pyb import UART

uart = UART(1, 9600)                         # init with given baudrate
uart.init(9600, bits=8, stop=1, parity=None) # init with given parameters

Then use the following to send the REPL to the UART you created above


Connecting to your PC


  1. Search for 'Add Bluetooth Device'
  2. Scan for Bluetooth devices
  3. Connect to HC-05
  4. Enter pin 1234
  5. Search for 'Change Bluetooth settings'
  6. On the COM Ports tab find the 'Outgoing' COM port (eg: COM6)
  7. Use PuTTY to connect to your pyboard on the 'Outgoing COM port (eg: COM6) via Bluetooth


Install some useful command line tools:

sudo apt-get install bluez-tools bluez-utils

Bluetooth - Set up new device - choose the device - Pin options '1234' - Next. Get the modules MAC address:

hcitool scan

Add the serial port by editing the file: /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

rfcomm0 {
    bind no;
    device MAC address of your module;
    channel 1;
    comment "Serial Port";

Then connect it with:

sudo rfcomm connect 0

Watch it with:

screen /dev/rfcomm0

I had issues with the above running ubuntu 14.04, so I followed the following slightly different set of instructions which only needs the command line. This information was taken from: here

Determine the MAC address of your bluetooth module by using hcitool

2006 >hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:14:01:21:27:67   HC-05

Determine the MAC address of your bluetooth adapter on the host, using bt-adapter:

2005 >bt-adapter -l
Available adapters:
ubuntu-0 (58:91:CF:54:4A:EC)

Edit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

# RFCOMM configuration file.

rfcomm0 {
        # Automatically bind the device at startup
        bind yes;

        # Bluetooth address of the device
        device 00:14:01:21:27:67;

        # RFCOMM channel for the connection
        channel 1;

        # Description of the connection
        comment "HC-05 module";

Create (or append to) the picodes file (this uses the MAC address of your host, from the bt-adapter command above for cd, and the MAC address of your HC05 for the echo).

cd /var/lib/bluetooth/58:91:CF:54:4A:EC
sudo su -c "echo '00:14:01:21:27:67 1234' >> pincodes"

1234 is the default PIN that your HC05 comes with.

Restart the bluetooth service:

sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

Add your user to the dialout group:

sudo adduser dhylands dialout

logout and log back in. Check that your user belongs to the dialout group by using the id command.

Now you should have /dev/rfcomm0 which is the host side serial port for talking to the HC-05.