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(Useful resources: link to the Awesome MicroPython landing page instead of the GitHub repo)
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* [[ESP8266]]
* [[ESP8266]]
* [[ESP32]]
* [[ESP32]]
** [[OTA]]
** [[TinyPico]]
** [[TinyPico]]

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Welcome to the MicroPython Wiki!

This website collects knowledge, resources and links for anything and everything related to MicroPython, for both users and developers.

The wiki here is a MediaWiki site and is intended to replace the previous Gollum-based wiki, and the content from the Gollum wiki has not been fully migrated yet. Please find the Gollum wiki here.

Getting started

Using MicroPython

Boards & ports



Useful resources

MicroPython Standard Library

  • micropython-lib - MicroPython-Lib contains MicroPython implementations for many of the Python Standard Libraries
  • Standard Library Coverage - A list of each Python Standard Library with details about the level of support for MicroPython